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Full Circle Midwifery

Aloha & Welcome!

My first experience of homebirth was when I was 22, at a time when I was both a kindergarten teacher and a yoga teacher in Santa Cruz, CA. 


I began attending births, and then midwifery school, and graduated in 1981 in the first class of the first state in the USA (Washington) to offer Midwifery Licensure. In 1995  I was in the first small group of Midwives licensed in California. Currently, I am licensed both in Hawaii and California. 

Since that first baby, I have attended 2200+ births in homes, birth centers and hospitals across the West Indies, Iran, and 8 of the United States. I’ve followed this commitment living,working and traveling around the world, learning from midwives, doctors and indigenous healers with the purpose of supporting birth, women’s health, healing, movement and nutrition. This has given me a deep respect for individual cultural and religious preferences.

My vision is to offer a unique model of women’s comprehensive health care from coming-of-age through menopause and the complete feminine life cycle that is affordable, sustainable, satisfying, and gives back to the community.

My particular devotion is to working with women around pregnancy and birth. As women's desire to do their best in birth and beyond is so powerful, this is the most ‘ripe’ and receptive time for education and information. I midwife women and families on this fascinating, intense, empowering and transformative journey of birthing themselves into be-ing, and becoming parents and family.

It is a blessing, honor and privilege to have this as my life's passion. 


I look forward to serving you. 

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